14 July 2014

Serai @ Jaya Shopping Center

That was an earlier private lunch date with Kiehl's and fellow bloggers at Serai. Serai under Serai Group, a newly open fusion dining place located at Jaya Shopping Center.The first Serai started in year 1990, famous in authentic Malaysia Northern/ Thai cuisine. However this new Serai having a big twist in serving fusion food. 

Here was my carbless main CAESAR SALAD with SMOKED SALMON 

Generous amount of SMOKED SALMON was served on the plate as seen, salmons were fresh.

FLAT WHITE, not the best but still acceptable. Well I have to say Serai's cake range is awesome, I have TIRAMISU (first pix on top). I have to admit Bowie's JACKFRUIT SWISS ROLL was more fantastic, it's texture of inner-soft-crunchy-outer-layer & rich taste of jackfruit. Unsure the correct name of this fabulous dessert, I just had the memory of jackfruit in mind. Ahhh... whatever, recognise this swiss roll thingy circled in pix below. That is it! Forget about the worst experience King's Confectionery RM3.50 swiss roll brought to you, this JACKFRUIT SWISS ROLL will change the way you judge swiss roll before. I command you TRY IT. 

My fellow lunch mates of the day, how many of them can you name out? 

Definitely will be back for their high reputation NASI KERABU & SERAI PLATTER.

LOCATION: Lot G-18, Ground Floor, Jaya Shopping Centre Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 14, 46100 PJ, Selangor

CONTACT: 03-7932 3070
BUSINESS HOUR: 10am -10pm daily